Moving on

I need to move on with the site

[2023.11.06] Moving on.

Life has been tough for past few years for me, nevertheless I’m almost back on the right track. I’ll try to post something more on my site, make some updates with projects I’ve been working on… And generally spending more time on

Currently I’m focused on:

  • Passing my school (This side-quest to my life ends 26.04.2024)
  • Working at a IT company ^^, I’m doing that part-time since 3 or 4 years now..
  • Doing some coding for Anonero [TOR] wallet
  • Putting together a little chat app that uses i2p and pgp
  • Did like a 100 projects, from which maybe 5 are done and 0 published…

I think that this is all I have to say for now.

p.s. Thanks to the person who keeps sending request to rss.xml for the past 3 years, every 2 minutes.

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