Testportal! I'm here for you.

I just didn't like the way teachers tested my knowledge

[2021.04.27] Testportal! I’m here for you.

As you may have seen, recently I’ve made a little hack for testportal called TestPortal MultiTool, it’s not much of a hack it’s a simple program that remove time limits, things that monitor document.hasFocus, and added a couple of fancy things…

But that’s not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about why that kind of things are a must nowadays. It’s because of the Teachers. There are many cases when I don’t use my script and I won’t name any examples, but it’s much ducking easier to answer a question when you can read it slowly, read the possible answers, think for a moment, and you are done! That’s all I need. And that’s all I want to have. Do you know how annoying it is to see a damn timer counting down 15 minutes, afer damn second, that’s stressing the shit out of me, because I know that I have 40 questions in ths test. I know that 15 * 60 / 40 is 22.5

22.5 Seconds for a question. I KNOW THAT! I know that every question consist of at least 4 possible answers, from which each is a sentece, and question include quotation.

I know that 22.5 divided by 4 is 5.625, and duck the question, I have 5 seconds for each answer to read, that leaves no space for thinking. And while on some tests that’s just enough, or more than enough, because you are good in some particular subject, but in some you are simply average. And it’s fine, you don’t need to be the best in everything.

I just want to say, that this whole cheating prevention thing prevents only the legit students, who learn everything on their own from being… legit. Because they are being punished, for somebody’s else cheating.

Teachers, leave us kids alone, those who want to cheat on your tests will do so, no matter what you do, and those who want to learn will learn, unless you show them that it doesn’t matter if they cheat or learn, and treat them like Microsoft treat Windows users

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